Software, Preamble

This website refers to more than 60 programmes. For the start we would like to recommend the following programmes:

  • With LibreOffice you can execute central tasks such as writing texts, create presentations or work with a spreadsheet.
  • Antivir is highly recommended for the protection against computer viruses.
  • Firefox is the best browser and enhances the security of your computer.
  • The installation of Java™ Runtime Environment is required for a few of the programmes from this website. 

Next to a short description, the mentioned programmes contain: 

  • a note about the operating system that is needed for the use the software,
  • a note about the licence of the software,
  • a link to a web presentation of the programme,
  • the opportunity to download the programme.

And, don't forget:

If you deal with Freeware, you have no chance to look beyond the surface without the help of special tools because this look isn't intended by the producers. Freeware is only part of this project because it is valuable for a sustainable media-critical education. 

Only if everyone - no matter if rich or poor - has the opportunity to work with software a media-critical awareness can grow. This is the only way that media users will become critical media users and in the end probably even critical media producers.