Information for teachers

The website NetzwerkBildung offers computer programmes, that can be easily integrated into lessons at schools. 

NetzwerkBildung encourages everyone to independently and experimentally explore the programmes and thereby contributes to media-critical education.

Pupils that use the same software at school and at home have a clear advantage over other pupils.

Furthermore, the decision a school makes about what kind of software to use for pupils also has commercial and political implications.

A school that uses proprietary software has to face consequences. The school creates a need for the pupils to also buy said software for home or download the mostly very expensive products illegally, which makes them liable to prosecution.

Also, the use of proprietary software includes the risk that the decision-making and responsibility the pupils are supposed to learn during class is only directed at certain products.

That is why that kind of software shouldn't be used for principal reasons, even if it is provided for free. Schools should always use free software, software that can be passed on to the pupils for free and legally and that can be used at home as well. 

While choosing the software for this project, free software that is available for different operating systems was preferred. Not included is software which requires other programmes for editing.

Also no included is software that produces a proprietary format or that needs data from the user (e.g. from a registration process).