Information for instructors

During the training at the universities and the centres for practical teachers training, it is important to also focus on enabling and organizing a well-founded media-critical education.

It is not enough when apprentices are able to equip their thesis correctly with quotes, footnotes and a comprehensive bibliography.

Skills are needed that enable them to understand the processes behind the surface, to be able to discuss the reasonable and appropriate use of digital media as well as opportunities and dangers of this technology with pupils and colleagues.

It is very important is to awaken and maintain a critical awareness for this subject among all participants.

This is one of the purposes of NetzwerkBildung. This project offers not only programme suggestions but also suggestions on a media-critical education (under 'learning materials'). The material is approved and can be easily adapted. It informs, mentions possible obstacles, formulates goals and provide guidelines for the implementation.   

Some of the projects are also suitable for the use at schools.

Like everything within this project, they are subject to one licence (mainly this is the Creative Commons License -by-sa-nc 3.0 de). This licence allows the copying and changing of the code and there is only one requirement: Every project using this code has to be published under the same conditions and mustn't be commercialised. You will find more detailed information about this here.

Please also feel free to continue and share this work so more people can benefit from it. 

Interested co-operators can contact us under Contact.