Network media-critical education - Background

Often people that work in the field of education are overstrained by the possibilities and limits of digital media. They are not trained to show pupils a decisive look behind the scenes and they often are also not used to cooperate beyond their areas of responsibilities.  

Specific training courses are not part of the training to become a teacher and there is also no concept, neither at university nor afterwards.

A further problem is, that there can't be a media-critical education with software that doesn't allow the look 'behind the scenes', meaning software with a source code that is not open.  

Often pupils need proprietary and expensive software for school which leads to an increase in (illegal) pirated copies.

To avoid social and educational barriers, the use of cost-free and open source software is highly recommended and needed.

This also applies to products that have been created within the context of media-critical trainings. Only if they are available under a cost-free licence and without any restrictions, some sort of sustainability can be achieved. 

It is a common procedure of producers of programmes to offer a product that forces the user to use only similar programmes in future times (mostly from the same producer) because of the data format. 

A media-critical education can't work like this because the formats have to be open source as well. In this respect: The use of proprietary software that leads to a dependency on this software needs to be avoided. There is enough high-quality software that uses open formats.

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